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Advertise on Blue Air Aircrafts

New Advertising Opportunities offer marketers the ability to reach millions of captive consumers with over 2,000 times the impact of traditional media.

Now advertisers have the amazing opportunity to place their campaigns on board each Blue Air aircraft and reach the affluent travelers throughout Blue Air’s range of destinations across Europe.

Advertisers are able to place their brand and message on:

  • tray tables
  • overhead bins
  • sidewall panels
  • back seat pockets
  • directly to the client

Even in the journey planning stage, companies may advertise on the electronic flight tickets and boarding passes.

Passengers see the brand and message throughout the flight in a captive environment, with an average of 2 hours of undistracted impression time!

Studies show that as high as 85-94% of all passengers can remember the brand and message presented in the aircraft.

Contact us to receive a media kit and information regarding these unique advertising opportunities and reach your target audience. We can create unique packages and offer exclusivity to specific product categories based on campaign length.