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Special Assistance

Special Assistance

Assistance for persons with disabilities in accordance with Regulation (EC) no 1107/2006 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 5 July 2006 concerning the rights of disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility when traveling by air

Given the principle of social inclusion and non-discriminatory treatment, disabled people and those with reduced mobility will receive the necessary assistance according to their special needs without being charged any additional fees.

We assume and guarantee carriage of disabled or reduced mobility persons in the following conditions:

- Sending a notification of the special assistance given at least 48 hours before the published departure time of the flight;

- In case the return flight was also contracted from our company, the notification must target this aspect too.

In the event that a person with a disability or reduced mobility is assisted by an accompanying person, the company will make all possible efforts to assign that person besides the person with disability or reduced mobility, provided a notice is sent to us at least 48 hours before the published departure time of the flight.

In the event that it is necessary to use a recognized assistance dog, with valid documents, it is embarked in the cabin provided a notification is sent to us at least 48 hours before the published departure time of the flight, and provided the person travelling assumes the obligation to comply with specific national law of the country of destination and with applicable internal rules on the transport of assistance dogs on board the aircraft, transport being done without additional fees.

In the event that we are announced through a notice given at least 48 hours before the flight that for a person with disability or reduced mobility it is necessary the transport of up to two pieces of mobility equipment, including electric wheelchairs, we assume their transport subject to possible limitations of space on board the aircraft, and subject to the application of relevant legislation concerning dangerous goods, transport is done at no extra charge.

If necessary, flight attendants will provide assistance in moving to toilet facilities for disabled people or with reduced mobility.

Information Communication

Our company and its agents shall make publicly available to persons with disabilities or reduced mobility information regarding special assistance that can be given to them as well as essential information on the flight, in accessible formats and in at least the same languages ​​as the information made available to other passengers.

In the event that our company or agents receive notice of a request for specific assistance, we undertake to transmit this information to all factors involved at least 36 hours before the published departure time of the flight.

As soon as possible after the departure of a flight, our company communicates to the governing bodies of the destination airport the number of disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility that are on board the aircraft and require specific assistance.


We guarantee that all staff providing direct assistance to disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility has knowledge of how to meet these needs, we also provide training in the field of equality and understanding these needs, new employees participate in training on disability, and all staff benefit from refresher courses whenever necessary.

Refusal of carriage of disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility

Our company may refuse boarding and transport of a disabled person or person with reduced mobility in order to meet applicable safety requirements established by international, Community or national law or in order to meet safety requirements established by the authority that issued the air operator's certificate to the air carrier concerned, or if the size of the aircraft or its doors makes the embarkation or carriage of that disabled person or person with reduced mobility physically impossible.

In the event of this refusal the company, through its agents, shall make reasonable efforts to propose an acceptable alternative to the person in question.

Given the refusal, the person has the right to reimbursement or re-routing. In the event that the company or agent to invoke refusal for reasons listed in the previous paragraphs, shall inform the respective person of the reasons therefore, and on request, shall respond in writing within 5 working days of the request.

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