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Terms and conditions of myBlue loyalty program

Blue Air has introduced the myBlue Loyalty Program and together with the existent services, intends to reward the loyalty of the passengers in a transparent, equitable and flexible manner, this being the expression of the trustful and respectful relation between the company and the passengers. myBlue is a program that was especially created for those who travel frequently, and for those who can thus enjoy the advantage of flight ticket discounts or even of free* tickets.


The subscription to this program is FREE. You can find the form on the Blue Air website, in myBlue section. All the columns must be entirely filled in, otherwise your data will not be processed. Only one email address can be registered for the myBlue card.
You will receive an email with your unique password and card number, where you can accumulate 10 EUR for each round-trip ticket you have bought and 5 EUR for each one-way ticket acquired in the name of the Card holder, except for the domestic flights for which you will accumulate 4 EUR for a round-trip ticket and 2 EUR for each one-way ticket acquired in the name of the Card holder. For tickets issued for flights in connection consisting of a domestic flight and an international flight segment, both operated by Blue Air, you get 5 EUR/ trip (eg. a ticket issued for Iasi - Bucharest - Florence will accumulate 5 euro).
Points will be accumulated only for the flights operated regularly by Blue Air. The actual card is not necessary to benefit from the bonus points received, all you have to know is the card number and password.

When you subscribe, you will also receive 10 EUR as a "welcome gift"!

In order for your fidelity points to be automatically added to you myBlue account, you have to introduce the number of your myBlue card at step 4 of the booking.
The essential condition for this to be successfully added is that the name registered in the myBlue account to be identically written like the one on the ticket (upper/lower case). Otherwise, the reservation system will generate a notice that the points could not be added to your account, reason why we ask you to send us an email at with the booking code of your ticket or contact us through the online form.

If the booking is paid by any other payment method than by credit card, adding myBlue points will not be automatic. Therefore you need to follow the steps above to send your booking codes.

The user of the Blue Air loyalty program has access to his/her personal page-  MY ACCOUNT - through the myBlue portal where he/she can:
-  modify the personal data
-  modify the access password
- monitor the accumulated bonus (received, used, remained)

The bonuses are granted only to the cardholder!


The accumulated discounts can be used to purchase tickets to any Blue Air destination from the Call Centers.

The ticket that was purchased with a discount is EXCLUSIVELY intended for the cardholder, and thus it can only be used by the person whose name is on the card.

In order to enjoy ticket discounts you should follow these easy steps:

1. Call one of our Call Centers and mention your name, specify that you would like to use your myBlue discount
2. The agent will confirm the amount that has accumulated in your account
3. Request the route and flight date
4. The agent will communicate the price available in the system for the requested trip, to which the accumulated myBlue discount is applied.
5. After your confirmation, the agent will issue the ticket, asking the credit card data in order to pay the price difference.
6. After the payment confirmation, the electronic ticket will be sent to your e-mail box
7. Your account will be automatically updated and the used discount will be erased from your account.

IMPORTANT: In order to accumulate the bonus when purchasing the tickets, you must communicate the myBlue card number!

* The discount applies to the ticket price, not including airport taxes, other applicable taxes or added services. For special tariffs (PROMO, HAPPYBLUE, ONLY TAXES, WEB01 (X), WEB02 (W), WEB00 (Y), R (AMD00), CLASS X, HAPPY, CLASS W, CLASS ZH, X (AMD01), K (AMD02)) no discounts are granted.
Tickets purchased at the following special tariffs do not accumulate points: PROMO, HAPPYBLUE, ONLY TAXES, CLASS X, HAPPY, WEB01 (X), WEB02 (W), WEB00 (Y), R (AMD00), X (AMD01), K (AMD02).
You cannot use myBlue points to purchase tickets that are already discounted.