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Constanta - Mihail Kogalniceanu

Bilete de avion ieftine Constanta

Mihail Kogalniceanu


Constanta is a national cultural landmark. Constanta is well known thanks to its numerous museums: the Natural Science Museum Complex, made up of six sections: the dolphinarium, the planetarium, the observatory, a micro-reservation and an exotic bird and environment exhibition, the Aquarium, the Romanian Navy Museum, the Folk Art Museum, the National History and Archaeology Museum, the Museum of the Sea, the Constanta Harbour Museum and the "Ion Jalea" Sculpture Museum.

In Constanta, one can find examples of various architectural styles: the Casino, the sole instance of art nouveau architecture in Romania, nowadays considered the city symbol, the old mosque, built in 1910 in a moor style, the Roman building from the 2nd century or the Genovese Lighthouse, dating from the Middle Ages and built around 1300.