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Bacau - George Enescu Airport

Bilete de avion ieftine Bacau

George Enescu Airport


Located in the Siret Corridor, on the right side of Bistrita river, in the region of its confluence with Siret, 165 m height.
Bacau is a county in the Moldova region in Romania. Bacau municipality is not shown as an important touristic region on the country map, and the town does not reveal significant places of this type. Yet, at a closer look, hidden between imposing buildings
that mark the recent development of the town, there are nice places that can reveal a strong cultural mark of the town.
The basic landmarks are the personalities that have been an honor for the town over the years. Whether it is an emblematic poet like George Bacovia, or a savant like Ion Borcea, their lives are honored and brought back to memory by the memorial houses that have been taken care of until today. The Precista church, founded by Stefan cel Mare, is one of the most representative in the collection of Bacau religious establishments.
Although they are maybe insufficiently advertised, in a region - Moldova – that is very rich in spirituality and culture, the churches, memorial houses and museums in Bacau may become a significant landmark in the route of any tourist coming to this region.