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Nice - Côte d'Azur - Terminal 1

Bilete de avion ieftine Nice

Côte d'Azur - Terminal 1


Nice is both an important tourist centre and a seaside resort, alsoknown as “the capital of the French Riviera” (Cote d'Azur). As anyself-respecting European cultural capital, Nice offers its visitors anarray of tourist sights, outstanding places and the most representativehistorical monuments. The most famous city street, “Promenade desAnglais” offers spectacular sights as it bordered by both sea andmountains and stretches along 6 km, along the beach. Here, one can findthe famous and luxurious Negresco Hotel, built in 1912 according to theblueprints of the Romanian Henri Negresco.
Nice is also deemed a European cultural capital due to the “Castle inNice”, a military building on top of a hill covered by rocks. “The OldTown” (“Vieille Ville”) is the old part of this European culturalcapital and a neighbourhood filled with narrow streets, smallrestaurants and pubs. A historical centre and a European culturalcapital, Nice invites you to discover the port of Lympia and the CasinoRuhl cabaret, two tourist sights along the French Riviera. As theweather is always sunny, one can walk along one of the beaches locatedup high, from where one can rejoice in the image of the cerulean watersof the Bay of Angels (“Baie des Anges”).
Nice is truly one of those places everyone has heard about or seen on TV or at the cinema.