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Madrid - Barajas Terminal 1

Bilete de avion ieftine Madrid

Barajas Terminal 1


The largest city of Spain, located at the very heart of the Iberianpeninsula, Madrid is a European capital located at the biggest height -646m above the sea level.
Cosmopolitan city, business center, central headquarters of theGovernment, of the Spanish Parliament, of the Public Administration andresidence of the Spanish Royal Family, Madrid is characterized by anintense cultural and artistic activity and a very active night life.
The main sights of Madrid are the Prado Museum, the Royal Palace andthe famous squares, monasteries and cathedrals (including Ermita de SanAntonio - the chapel sheltering the tomb of Goya, the great Spanishpainter).
If you go to Madrid, do not miss the opportunity to fly over the cityby funicular, to visit the Amusement Park, the Biological Park, theDolphinarium, and last but not least, to watch the famous corrida andflamenco shows.

For further information about Madrid, we recommend you to visit the site of the Madrid municipality at, where you can download tourist maps and guides with the sights of the city and other useful information.