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Lyon - St. Exupery (Terminal 1)

Bilete de avion ieftine Lyon

St. Exupery (Terminal 1)


Known first and foremost as the capital of gastronomy, the secondlargest city of France should be included on the list of the holidaydestinations of any passionate traveler. However, Lyon is also knownfor several other attractions, besides the culinary ones, among whichits incredibly rich architecture and historical buildings.
At the beginning of the 19th century, Lyon had the most developed silkindustry when Joseph Jacquard, an inhabitant of the city, invented theautomatic loom which changed dramatically the manufacturing of thefabric. The city became famous when Lumière brothers invented in Lyonthe first rotary cinema. The Lumière Institute is now an attraction notto be missed. Lyon is one of the most beautiful Renaissance cities ofEurope, where perfectly preserved houses and stores stretch alongpicturesque streets, keeping so much of the atmosphere of the pastcenturies.