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Rome - Fiumicino Terminal 2

Bilete de avion ieftine Rome

Fiumicino Terminal 2


The capital of the Roman empire, of the Papal state and of Italy, Romeis the very “eternal city”. It is one of the most elegant capitalswhere the levels of history and the sheer beauty in excess might turnout to be overwhelming even for an inexperienced visitor.
Rome is a city which should be discovered by walking, where everycorner offers a new treasure and an unforgettable panorama. Romancolumns rise up to the sky alongside medieval basilicas. The sound ofthe water overflowing from fountains fills the air in front of theRenaissance palaces and the exultant Romans are cramming into thecolorful little squares. Take a breath of the Cesars’ air in the Romanforum, take a walk in the threatening Coloseum, marvel at the splendorsof the Vatican Palace and then you will undoubtedly wonder whether thisis the capital of a modern and industrial nation or whether you havejust stepped back in time, into the pages of a history book!